Manual Transactions

For small companies or individuals who prefer to avoid technical integration, Humance offers the option to create transactions manually through their personal accounts. Follow these steps to create a manual transaction:

  1. Access the Order Page:

    • Log in to your company account on the Humance Platform.

    • Navigate to the Order page or section within your account dashboard.

  2. Create Order:

    • Click the "Create Order" button on the Orders page.

  3. Specify Order Details:

    • Enter the required details for the transaction, including:

    • Project Selection: Choose the environmental project you wish to support with this transaction.

    • Email: Provide the email address associated with the order.

    • First Name: Enter the first name of the consumer associated with the order.

    • Amount of Order: Specify the amount to be contributed to the selected project.

  4. Submit Order:

    • Once all required details are entered, submit the order to finalize the transaction.

By following these simple steps, small companies or individuals can manually create transactions to support environmental projects through the Humance platform without the need for technical integration. This approach provides flexibility and accessibility for companies of all sizes to contribute to positive environmental initiatives.

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