Getting started

This section will guide you through the initial steps to integrate Social Responsibility features into your applications using the Humance API.

Create a Humance Company Account

Start by registering a Company account on the Humance Platform. Navigate to the registration page and complete the signup process to gain access to settings and API credentials. You can start your onboarding here.

Choose Projects

  • Once your Company account is created, log in to your account on the Humance Platform.

  • Explore the Projects section to discover a variety of project groups that include environmental projects from around the world.

  • Select the project groups you wish to make available within your application. Projects inside of these project groups will be visible to your users for support.

Create credentials for the Humance API

  • Head to the Integration section within your account on the Humance Platform.

  • Locate the "Connect" button for the Humance API and click on it to initiate the integration process.

  • Upon connecting, you will receive API keys for both Test and Production environments. You can start testing with the provided Test keys immediately. However, if you plan to use the Production keys, ensure to top up your balance in the Billing section to enable full functionality.

Congratulations! You've completed the initial setup steps for integrating the Humance API into your application. Next, proceed to the Authentication section to learn how to authenticate your API requests.

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