Cancel order

You can cancel the transaction in important cases such as returns. Cancellation is possible while the project is still in the Fundraising stage. If the project has completed fundraising and moved to the Implementation stage, you cannot cancel the transaction because the funds have already been paid to the project team.

All requests should use https proxy, domain, and start with /company/integration/. For example

Endpoint: /orders/cancel

HEADERS: Authorize your company

API-Key: <Your API key>
API-Secret: <Your API secret key>


supported formats: application/json; multipart/form-data;

    // Required. Payment id for which you want to cancel 
    "payment_id": 4,
    // Required. A brief description of why you are canceling the payment
    "cancel_description": "some text",
    // Reason id
    "cancel_reason_id": "1"

RESPONSE: Status 200 OK. Payment object returned

    "id": 23,
    "amount": "100.00",
    "status": "done",
    "project_id": 23,
    "created_at": "23/10/2024",
    // Date in DD/MM/YYYY format

    // Project object
    "project": {
        "id": 23,
        "name": "Project name",
        "group_id": 10,

        // Group object
        "group": {
            "id": 10,
            "name": "Group name",
    "cancel_details": "some text",

    // Reason object
    "reason_id": {
        "id": 1,
        "reason": "reason name"

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