We strive to provide the consumer with a unique experience in tracking their project. Tracking is accomplished by receiving emails with updates about the project that the consumer has successfully supported. Here we will describe each email that the consumer receives during the project.

Intro email

Once the transaction has been created, Humance initiates sending an email about the successful contribution of funds in favor of the project.

First name

The consumer's first name is displayed at the beginning of the email. You can include it when creating a transaction. If no first name is passed, we will use «Anonymous» to address the consumer.


Next, the intro email displays the amount of the transaction. This is the amount taking into account the peculiarity of calculating the percentage of the transaction, which was described in the Creating Order section.


  • If the amount in the Create Order request was $100.00 and your profile settings have a 5% deduction selected, the transaction amount will be $5.00. This amount will be displayed in the intro email.


The body of the intro email contains a paragraph about your company's mission and Social Responsibility. You can edit this text in your account settings to increase consumer engagement with your brand.


The «Learn more about the project» button redirects the person to the project page.

Implementation email

The consumer receives an email after their project has raised the required amount of funds and has moved to the Implementation stage.

Content email

The project team publishes updates in the form of stories during the project. They include high-quality content. The consumer who has supported the project receives a notification when a new update is released.

Completed email

The company name is pulled from your profile settings. This button also contains a link to your website that consumers will be redirected to. You can change it in your profile settings.

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