To authenticate your requests with the Humance API, you must include two HTTP headers: "API-Key" and "API-Secret". Follow these steps to obtain and use your API keys.

Obtain API Keys

  • Log in to your company account on the Humance Platform.

  • Navigate to the Integration section and click the "Connect" button for the Humance API.

  • Upon connecting, you will receive pairs of API keys: one for testing and another for production. These keys will be used for authentication in their respective environments.

Test API Keys

Use Test Keys while integrating Humance into your application. This way you can integrate and test without using the actual balance.

Remember that when using test keys, you will see information about created transactions in the "Orders" tab, but you will not receive notification emails about successful payment. Such emails are sent only when using Production keys.

Include Headers in Requests

When making requests to the Humance API endpoints, ensure to include the following HTTP headers:

Endpoint: Request headers example

HEADERS: Authorize your company

API-Key: <Your API key>
API-Secret: <Your API secret key>

Replace <Your API Key> and <Your API Secret Key> with the corresponding keys obtained from the Humance Platform.

By including these headers in your API requests, you'll successfully authenticate your company and gain access to the functionalities provided by the Humance API.

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